Brain Boosting Workout

Can working out improve memory at any age?


It is becoming increasingly clear that regular exercise  influences neuronal functions and synaptic plasticity of the brain. Research points to a strong connection between exercise and brain health.  Brain responds to exercise much the way the body does

Controlled studies support the theory that 20 minutes of walking, low impact aerobics and strength or resistance training have the ability to build and increase memory at any age.

Our strength training routines are simple yet effective. They are designed for all age groups and can be done easily at home or anywhere.
Anaerobic or strength training is one of the best ways to increase the brain’s cellular structure. Brain scans of individuals whose workout includes strength and resistance training show a noticeable increase in their hippocampus volume. This is even more evident among seniors, who otherwise would decrease their hippocampus volume by one to two percent a year.
Our Aerobic/Anaerobic coaching sessions focus on low impact aerobics for multiple muscle groups, and resistance training for individual muscle groups.

You can participate in these interactive sessions by joining our prevention network group. We will send links and passwords that will allow access to our coaching services.