Early Signs

On occasion, we all experience some degree of forgetfulness. However, when memory problems begin to disrupt everyday lives, they may indicate early signs of a more serious medical condition and should be examined more carefully.

What are some of the early signs to watch for?

Misplacing items

  • Frequently placing items in unusual places
  • Unable to retrace steps to find them

Problems with abstract thinking

  • Change in the ability to work with numbers
  • Difficulty managing monthly bills
  • Problems following directions
  • Difficulty performing tasks which once seemed easy to complete

Confusion with place and time

  • Forgetting where you are or how you got there
  • Difficulty reading maps
  • Trouble finding a location that once was familiar

Problem with words or conversation

  • Difficulty following or participate in a discussion
  • Struggling to find the right words

If the above warning signs occur more frequently, it is important to pursue preventive strategies and seek medical advice.