Our Mission

To build healthier lives free of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

As the Alzheimer’s epidemic grows, our focus is on prevention. If we can intercept the onset of Alzheimer’s for a mere 100,000 people, we can reduce the cost of cognitive care by an estimated $5 billion a year.

Middle-aged adults who have yet to experience the onset of forgetfulness should consider implementing nutritional and lifestyle choices that are showing promise of success.

Our coaching services, that follow the guidelines of famous neurologist Dr. Vincent Fortanasce, are structured to help you achieve your cognitive health in the comfort of your home. We accomplish this in a group setting with well-trained counselors and online conference call facilitators that offer wellness through personalized counseling and care.

“We spend trillions of dollars each year on failed drug trials,” notes study author Susan Levin, Physicians Committee director of nutrition education. “Let’s take a portion of these funds and invest in helping people learn about foods that are now clinically proven to be more effective in fighting this global epidemic.”